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About the Artist

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary artist who develops works inspired by the beauty in color and figurative expressions. My true objective is to communicate visually through emphasis on movement, texture and form. My works of art would be defined as prolific and contemporary.

My approach to making a work art is very personal and often the incorporation of my own experiences are reflected in the subject matter. I am often the muse in the figurative work and the color  selected for my non-objective work is specifically designed with symbolism and unspoken meaning.

My vision has always been a deteriorating hurdle throughout my life. Since the time of childhood, I would have difficulty in seeing detail and clarity. I worked this situation to my advantage within my body of work. I often draw without my glasses or corrective lenses to create an interpretation or impression of what I see rather than replicating it.

As a resident of South Florida for over 20 years, the environment, culture and community is important and inspiring. I also am passionate about my experience of growing up in New England. I like to fuse elements of both aspects into my portfolio.

Sara Gagliano-Alfaro has been creating art for over 28 years professionally. She has her Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Education from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She also earned her Museum Education Certification through Harvard University and Tufts University.  Mrs. Gagliano-Alfaro has won several awards of merit and grants. She has also exhibited her art internationally. 

She has been teaching art for 31 years to children, teens and adults. "There is a sense of balance between teaching and being a practicing artist."  She resides with her family in Miami Florida.

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